Phased Reopening Plan

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Our phased reopening plan involves four levels of operation:


Level 3: Highly Restrictive – Pandemic Escalation (similar to spring 2020 semester status)

  • All campus instruction provided remotely using eLearn, Teams, and Zoom.
  • Clinicals and other experiential learning in the community suspended.
  • 雇员 working both remotely with some on campus. This includes staffing rotations within offices.
  • 国内游暂停。
  • 国际旅游暂停。
  • Limited access to main campus in Gallatin. No access to campus locations in Cookeville, Livingston and Springfield.
  • Campus events at all locations cancelled or postponed to later dates.
  • 国际游学暂停。
  • 运动项目暂停。
  • Large events on campus cancelled or postponed. 

Level 2: Considerably Restrictive (similar to summer 2020 status)

  • COVID-19 daily screening protocol in place for all person’s visiting a Vol State campus location.
  • All campus instruction provided remotely through eLearn and Zoom with few exceptions.
  • Clinicals and other experiential learning in the community is possible on a case by case basis with community partners who will follow appropriate safety standards. 
  • Select labs on campus are operating with clinical experiences or by appointment per academic area of study.
  • 雇员 working both remotely with some on the Gallatin campus. This includes staffing rotations within offices.
  • Limited operations at Vol State Cookeville. Vol State Springfield and Vol State Livingston operate under a remote status.
  • No meetings or gatherings with more than 10 individuals
  • 有机玻璃在接待区和其他服务站到位。人群控制措施,将相应的标牌到位,促进身体的疏远和其它协议晋升为控制公共卫生添加。
  • Enhanced cleaning protocol at all campus locations.
  • 非必要的旅行暂停。
  • 国际旅游暂停。
  • Athletic recruiting underway with social distancing guidelines in place, where possible.
  • Select large events possible with safety plans in place. 

1级:与社会上流传的持续下降适度的限制。大部分操作在放回到校园,但有限制。 (这是2020年秋季基计划)

  • COVID-19 daily screening protocol in place for all person’s visiting a Vol State campus location.
  • All Vol State campus locations are open during regular days and business hours.
  • 教师将确定只能在A面到面设置完成课程,经验或能力。这些决定将给予优先使用教室,实验室或其他地面上的资源。
  • All other academic programs will be offered in varied formats that include: 
    • Virtual Online: 培训班 are offered online using virtual platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom to offer instruction at the days/times listed in the schedule.
    • Online: Traditional online courses that will not meet at a particular day or time.
    • 混合型:课程提供部分在线或在教室里虚拟指令和部分脸对脸的指令。教练将让学生知道他们会在校园里遇到哪些天。
  • Clinicals and other experiential learning permitted with appropriate limitations.
  • Laboratory and on-campus experiential courses permitted with physical distancing and other safety measures in place.
  • All individuals must use face coverings when on campus.
  • 雇员 working on campus with remote work option available for those who identify an elevated risk of COVID-19 exposure to themselves or others in their household. 
  • 有机玻璃在接待区等服务点。在地方,以促进身体疏远等措施适当标牌的人群控制措施,以提高公共健康水平。 
  • Enhanced cleaning protocol at all campus locations.
  • 非必要的旅行暂停。
  • 国际旅游暂停。
  • Athletic competition permitted based on guidance from the NJCAA and TCCAA. . This may mean that games are played without the presence of spectators. 

0级: 新常态(未来计划) 

  • On campus face-to-face instruction, limited physical distancing expectations.
  • Laboratory and other experiential courses permitted.
  • Clinicals / Experiential learning in the community with few limitations.
  • 雇员 working on campus with remote option available with approval.
  • 大型活动许可。
  • Domestic and international travel permitted.
  • Athletic competition permitted with spectators. 



  • 感觉身体不适的时候,当暴露于covid-19(例如正面家庭成员的情况下)留在家里,或者如果确诊为covid-19的确诊病例。强化个人责任,教师必须证明与学生谁是从类因病或检疫缺席的灵活性。同样,主管必须与员工谁是缺席因病或检疫灵活。
  • 根据CDC谁是特别容易covid-19的员工或学生被鼓励与上司或课程的教师工作,确定工作或学术指导可能的选择。
  • 谁被诊断患有covid-19的确诊病例员工应通知人力资源的卷状态的办公室。谁被诊断患有covid-19的确诊病例的学生应该通知副总裁的办公室为学生服务。
  • Wash hands more frequently, avoid touching face, wear face coverings when appropriate. 
  • Practice recommended physical distancing when appropriate.
  • Adhere to notices and instructions posted around campus related to COVID-19 mitigation.
  • Follow specific safety and health parameters that are outlined in this document along with future campus directives. 


有效6月1日, all employees coming to campus must complete a 筛选形式 每天到来之前。你需要手头上温度计,必须将温度输入形式。所有卷状态校园位置仍然向公众开放,但我们开通网上。自6月29日,选择校园行动将开放给学生和游客。每个人参观卷状态校园内的位置都需要计划参观校园位置,当完成筛选表格的每一天。 










  • Masks should be worn so that they fully cover the nose and mouth.


  • Transiting from your vehicle to your work area and back to your vehicle.
  • Staff at front office or reception areas where walk in traffic may occur.
  • All in person meetings with other members of the college community even when social distancing is possible.
  • Occupying an office with one or more other persons where fixed walls are not in place.
  • Visiting or transiting through any interior public spaces. This includes restrooms, hallways, conference rooms, or break rooms.


  • 在你的办公室时,独自一人。

This protocol will remain in place until notified otherwise. We will continue to monitor the CDC and other health agency recommendations.

As we anticipate the return of students and the pubic to our campus, plexiglass sneeze guards and signage will be installed to help people maintain social distancing.